So, you’ve decided to create a threat hunting program. Overwhelmed yet? We thought you might be. Figuring out exactly which approach will achieve your desired outcomes is often challenging - especially when there are so many new tools and security buzzwords flying at you left and right.

Join Expel’s Matthew Hosburgh, Senior Detection & Response Engineer, and VMware Carbon Black’s Greg Foss, Senior Cyber Security Strategist, to demystify threat hunting, learn what you can do, and why you should “fight the good fight” by proactively threat hunting to keep your organization secure from the latest threats.


We'll discuss:

        • What threat hunting is and what it is not
      • Why threat hunting is necessary (why not just have better detections?)
      • The role of the Mitre ATT&CK framework in threat hunting
      • The 2020 threat landscape and what you can look forward to

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