Get the alerts that matter

(because the #nofilter trend wasn't meant for AWS alerts)

Spending hours or days digging through an endless pile of logs probably isn’t high on your to-do list. With Expel Workbench for AWS we help you identify potential security incidents within minutes so you can fix them without investing in a security operations center (SOC).

How are you currently monitoring your AWS workloads?

Expel Workbench for AWS helps you secure apps you have running in AWS, improve visibility into your environment and keep an eye on your data. Request a chat.


How Expel can help

Strengthen your cloud security by automating the investigation of AWS alerts and logs.

  • Get Expel-validated alerts: Workbench automatically processes your AWS alerts and filters out false-positives.
  • Reduce alert-to-fix times: Our bot, Ruxie, shortens investigation time by automating initial investigative actions.
  • Perform advanced investigations: Workbench tells you what you need to look at and provides step-by-step guides on how to respond.

Validated AWS alerts

Automated investigations

Guided response actions

Visibility into AWS alerts

Alert enrichment

Slack and email notifications

Add automation to your investigations with Expel Workbench for AWS

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