24x7 security monitoring for Amazon Web Services (AWS)

Expel ingests your events and log data from AWS, detects suspicious activity and tells you how to fix it. 

"Other MSSPs were selling vaporware, it was clear they didn't understand the cloud. Expel understood where we were on our journey and clearly understood our cloud needs."

- Principal Architect

How are you currently monitoring your AWS workloads?

Expel's managed detection and response (MDR) cloud service helps you secure apps you have running in AWS, gain visibility into what your developers are building and keep an eye on your data. Request a chat.

How Expel can help

Strengthen your security operations with transparent managed security, on-prem and in the cloud

  • Monitor 24x7: Our analysts monitor your environment and identify threats

  • Investigate and respond: We find out exactly what happened and tell you what to do about it

  • Hunt for threats: We proactively hunt for malicious activity in your environment

  • Help you improve: We tell you how to address the root cause of recurring incidents

"We were impressed with Expel's cloud knowledge. Their approach to security felt more like a partnership."

- Vice President, IT Security

AWS security library (mini)

If you've moved to or are planning to move your workloads to AWS and want to keep your data secure, we can help. Keep scrollin' for tools and tips. 

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