Welcome to Oh Noes! An adventure through cyberz and $#*!

LP-OhNoes-300x300Oh Noes! is a role-playing game -- modeled after many great role playing games such as D&D and Stars Without Number -- designed to help you and your organization become better prepared to respond to cybersecurity incidents.

We've tried to make it fun and approachable for people who have never role played while keeping some of the intrigue and detail that has made games of this type so appealing. So grab a pencil and your geekiest costume and join us on our journey through the cyberz and $#*!.

Hint! You'll want to read the Incident master guide to plan your first game. 




Inside the Oh Noes! toolkit (zip) :

  • Incident master guide (PDF) - guide to understanding the game; how to prepare, how to run the game, and how to build on what is here to make the game even better
  • Template presentation (PPTX) - visually drive the game with the players from one of three presentations; contains ground rules and objectives and non-conditional injects
  • Incident master (IM) scenario guide (XLSX) - three canned scenarios that you can use to drive your table top games
  • Character sheet (PDF) - record player name, attributes, skills and other details



We welcome feedback

As with any content or tool we create, we appreciate your thoughts. If you have ideas on how to improve Oh Noes! or catch something we didn't then creators/authors Bruce Potter and Robert Potter want to hear from you. You can send your notes to bruce.potter@expel.io. 


Download everything you need to get started with Oh Noes!